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GameBurst is a short, sharp, bitesize chunk of audible bliss on the hobby of playing games on console, computer, mobile and tabletop.

Jan 29, 2023

The team are back with the gaming headlines this week: Plus, Twilight Struggle, more American Truck Simulator, The Last of Us TV, and the Dice Tower Cruise. #GameBurst

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Music includes: Remember You're A Womble (Mike Batt)

Jan 22, 2023

We're back this week with more gaming news. Plus, Bitoku, American Truck Simulator, Marvel’s Midnight Sun,, Pathfinder: Kingmaker, and The Miracle of Pakistani Tekken #GameBurst

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Music includes: Edge & Flight (Mirrors Edge OST)


Jan 15, 2023

We're back for 2023! In the show this week: the usual headlines plus Mario Party Superstars, Brass: Birmingham, Rallyman DIRT, R.E. 5, 100% achievement grind, Horizon - Forbidden West , Bayonetta 3, Glass Onion, and I Was a Teenage Exocolonist. #GameBurst

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Music includes Still Alive (Lisa Miskovsky)