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GameBurst is a short, sharp, bitesize chunk of audible bliss on the hobby of playing games on console, computer, mobile and tabletop.

Jan 30, 2011

[News] James, Neil and Lewis go through this weeks gaming news including, PSP2 / NGP announced with everything but the kitchen sink. Vanquish those Mad Bayonetta Woes. Russia takes its time pointing fingers. Labels FTW! Star Wars T.O.R. can't find it's hyperdrive and the next attempt at Ghostbusters is dated.

Jan 27, 2011

[Roundtable] Neil, Lewis and Gary discuss some of the handhelds of old, chat about the current generation and speculate on the future.

If you have the GameBurst App enjoy the bonus OC Remix track from one of the biggest selling Handheld franchises of all time.

Jan 23, 2011

[News] Neil, Lewis and Gary go through this weeks gaming news, including Microsoft gives away free phones to hackers, Amazon Loves Films, 3DS is priced and dated for Europe, Sony believe they know want we all want from MMO’s, Bizzare Creations to finally close, Activision possibly dropping support for online gaming...

Jan 20, 2011

[Roundtable] Neil, James, Gary and a postal entry buy Lewis discuss some of their gaming resolutions for 2011, some are the usual suspects but one might shock you!
If you have some you want to share, leave the list on the Facebook page and lets see how long we can keep them for ... days? ...... hours?

Jan 16, 2011

[News] James, Neil and Gary go through this weeks news stories from the gaming industry, including Sony 2011 Titles and Nintendo 3D Japanese launch titles. The first details on Skyrim, Microsoft launch a premptive strike. a new Metal Gear games in the pipe works? and Keith Vaz MP says he'd not a games hater!