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GameBurst is a short, sharp, bitesize chunk of audible bliss on the hobby of playing games on console, computer, mobile and tabletop.

Dec 26, 2013

Gary, Joel, and - via the magic of smart-phones - Andi, run through their favourite new games they played in 2013.

The games featured include:

  • King of Tokyo 
  • Robinson Crusoe 
  • Monty Python Flux
  • The Resistance: Avalon
  • Star Wars Miniatures 
  • Kemet
  • Spartacus
  • Chaos of the Old World 
  • Android Netrunner
  • Legendary -...

Dec 22, 2013

Join Neil, Jerome and Chris in this week's news show. Covering such topics as; The lastest Nintendo Direct show, news of a Star Wars free-to-play space combat game, more sales figures for PS4 from across Europe, the assertion that Call of Duty has peaked with Ghost and the news roundup...

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Dec 19, 2013


Its that time of year once again! The GameBurst Christmas Quiz is back, uncensored and more banter than you can throw a stocking at! And this year, we are joined by a ghost of GameBurst past to take on the hosting duties! Believe us folks, this quiz is a corker!

The contestants are, of course, Neil 'KidDogg'...

Dec 16, 2013

Better late than never - and thanks to the Skype recorder, it almost was never! Andi and Jerome return with Gary to bring you all the GameBurst news a day later than normal: including, Xbox One sales and digital pricing; Playstation Move controllers; GT6 bugs; Bayonetta 2 & Rainbow Six Patriot updates, and a full...

Dec 12, 2013

Chris, Mij and Gary reflect on the new console launches and share their final personal thoughts on ownership and how successful the period has been for Microsoft and Sony. We look at cover the games, the hardware, and the general news stories surrounding the launch fortnight.

To share your experiences on the new...