GameBurst News - June 2nd 2013

[News] It's Neil, Chris and Andi in the pod this week, discussing; The Xbox One's Amazon placeholder price, Mirror's Edge 2!, Vita remote play with PS4, Blizzard's Titan project, Grand Turismo 6 and further EA online pass news...

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Praxis Effect: Episode 05 - Live at GPLEX 2013
This episode was recorded as a live panel in front of an audience at the Gonzo Planetary Expo 2013. James Batchelor played host and the new challenge was to discuss random topics scribbled down by attendees throughout the day and then drawn out of a hat. Five minutes per topic, Considering the ENTIRE Praxis team was present it's amazing we held the show together for the full 40 minutes. 
You guys need to let us know what about this format was particularly entertaining, more voices on the show, more topics with shorter discussion times, audience participation. All can be introduced to the main podcast if it improves the experience. A huge thank you to everyone who attended GPLEX this year and made the whole weekend so fantastic to be part of this extended community.
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