Neil, Gary and Mij tackle the tricky topic of Game Pricing: everything from finding bargains to digital vs physical.

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Neil, Chris, Gary and Mij have all the week's video game news for you.

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This month Gary, Andi & Joel review the multi-award winning 2007 game Agricola and also discuss our cardboard gaming highlights of the month.

Game Links:


Link Roll:

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Andi, Neil, Nintendo blogger Daan Koopman, and friend of the show Rob Finney, trawl through this week's news.

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[Top Five] In our latest (and longest - sorry about that) Top Five, James and Mij are joined by Cane & Rinse's Joshua 'CombineHunter' Garritty to discuss the best in video game soundtracks. Naturally, tastes vary and we've tried to include a taste of all them here. We also had an absolutely fantastic response from listeners, so listen out for your Top Five. 

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[News] Neil, Mij and Chris discuss this week's news. Covering; the cost of EA's PS4 and XBO games, the ability to play your PS4 digital games on any PS4, FFXIV not coming to Xbox One, Miyamoto working on a new IP, no ZombiU sequel and the news headlines...

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This months GB Quiz is all about E3! Mij takes the gameshow host chair to reign over this months contestants: Neil 'KidDogg' Taylor & Andi 'BigAndiD' Duncan of GameBurst and Dits Symeou & Chris 'DastardlyJabby' Jellyman from The Same Coin.

They will battle it out over 4 rounds:

1) E3 In The News

2) E3 Music Round

3) E3 Name The Year

4) E3 Defend The Indefencible

As always, a great feast of audio pleasure served right to your ears!

Get Involved:





GameBurst will return on Sunday for the News show

P.s: Please note that due to the hilarious nature of the show, curse (swear) words have not been bleeped apart from one particular word for entertainment purposes. Sorry for any offence this may cause. The show will have an explicit rating. Thank you. [Mij]

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[News] James, Gary and Chris discuss the latest gaming headlines, including: Xbox's anti-troll Reputation system, Game's gaff highlighting Ouya's SNES emulation, Top free-to-play tricks revealed, why Don Mattrick joined Zynga, Double Fine Adventure runs out of money and more. 

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June 2013 - Heavy Rain

This month, the GameBurst crew take a look at Quantic Dreams' 2010 cinematic experience, Heavy Rain.

Mij takes the chair this month (as Xan is not a fan) and is joined by James Batchelor and GameBurst co-founder and the guy that Mij replaced back in January 2012, Lewis 'DippyDoolittle' Holt.

We talk about our personal experiences in the game and we look at what various sites thought of the game.

July's game = Pheonix Wright: Ace Attorney

August Nominations:

Castle Crashers

007 Bloodstone

Trials HD

Borderlands: Zombie Island of Dr Ned





GameBurst will return on Sunday for the News, we hope you will join us then.

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