GameBurst Roundtable - Sports Games

[Roundtable] Andi hosts this weeks roundtable on Sports Games.

He is joined by Mij in the discussion on their favourite sports games, the top selling sports games and their fondest memories of the genre.

Get involved!

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[News] Gary, Mij and Andi report on the PlayStation 4 reveal, discussing their initial reactions to the new controller, the console's main features and the first wave of games. Meanwhile, James and Neil round up the rest of the news, including first word of the NextBox reveal, leaked Kinect 2 specs, Bungie unveiling Destiny, Ubisoft's attempt to win back the PC crowd and more. 

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[Quiz] This month, Last Save Loaded take on Geekwad in the ever-popular GameBurst battle of wits. The usual In The Headlines and Defend the Indefensible rounds are joined by a movie trailer special version of the music round and a themed round on gaming exclusives. Play along or just listen to one of the closest GameBurst Quizzes in some time. 

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This month on GameBurst Unplugged, Gary and Andi are joined by Joel Wright to review the 2008 co-operative board game "Pandemic". We also give a rough guide to finding a local board game group, and reveal some of our tabletop gaming highlights of the past few weeks.


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GameBurst News - February 17th 2013

[News] It's Mij, Andi and Chris in the pod this week. Talking about; BAFTA game nominies, Rayman Legend's delay, the announcement of a new Batman Arkham game, Nintendo Direct, The Last Guardian and Tank! Tank! Tank! 

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GameBurst Roundtable - Metal Gear Retrospective

[Roundtable] Mij takes the chair this week to talk about the much loved franchise that is Metal Gear Solid, along with guests Joshua Garrity of Cane & Rinse and Derrick Ritchie of

The entire series from 1987 to the present day is discussed along with what the future may hold for the series.

Let us know your favourite Metal Gear game/moments/characters!

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[News] James, Gary and Chris discuss the latest gaming headlines, including: Pre-owned block in Next Xbox, $400 price tag for PlayStation 4, Wii U woes and Activision moans, Capcom hacks 'n' slashes DmC sales expectations in half - blame the fans!, Hideo Kojima heading to London for Metal Gear launch, Skylanders: Swap Force makes one final bid for Gary's wallet and more. Now with less sexism! 

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Chris, Gary and James grab their axe, bow and staff and prepare to take on the Darkspawn in Bioware's Dragon Age Origins expansion - Awakening.

The next game on Replay will be Tomb Raider: Guardian of Light. If you'd like to appear on that show or have a review comment to be read out then please get in touch.

The nominations for March's game are:

  • Split/Second - Runner-up
  • Homefront - James
  • Dead Space 2 - Chris
  • Mafia II - Gary 

Contact us:


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[News] Gary, Andi and special guest Alex Shaw of Gonzo Planet discuss the latest gaming headlines, including: the California senator that says games are evil, Nintendo forecasts: cloudy with a chance of Wii U, Sleeping Dogs goes free on PS Plus, EA ditches Medal of (Dis)Honor, Valve on the Threat of Apple, The Prince of Persia's sands run out, Grid 2 and GTA V dated. 

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This is the first of an ongoing monthly series of team-up podcasts, covering the wide world of geek culture and combining co-hosts from three websites; GameBurst, GamerDork and Gonzo Planet. Three hosts per show, one topic per host, ten minutes per topic. For this inaugural outing we have...

James Batchelor asking “Is this the last generation of consoles?”

Alex Shaw asking “If so, is there something to be said for only buying one of them?”

And Leah Haydu with “Should consumers of media have a say in the narrative direction of that media?”

These round-table discussions are interspersed with short snippets of the previous month’s output from all three feeds.

Talk about the show on Twitter with the many hosts using the hashtag #PraxisEffect. Contact us via email at and come to the Gonzo Planet forums where there is a new Praxis Effect section. We want to hear from you about what you’d like to hear about on the show in the coming months. We’ll be back on the first day of every month.

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