GameBurst Replay - Knights of the Old Republic. 

On this months GameBurst Replay Gary is joined by James and two listeners. Andrew ‘SystemicBabble' Anderson and Chris'Legoftime' Eason. 

This month's Replay poll will be for the 'Replay Game of the Month' for June. To vote please tweet to @GameBurst (#gbreplay) or comment on Facebook your first and second choices. Your second choice will only be taken into account in the event of a draw. Please make sure you provide both choices or your vote may not count. The poll will close in 7 days (5th May)


- Rainbow 6 Vegas 2  (Runner-up)

- Far Cry 2 (James)

- Dawn of War 2 (Andrew)

- Gears of War 2 (Chris)

- Race Driver: Grid (Gary)

How to Vote - Examples


@GameBurst 1st Far Cry 2, 2nd Dawn of War 2 #gbreplay


1st Gears of War 2, 2nd Race Driver Grid

[News] James, Neil and Lewis go through this weeks news including, Nintendo Weekly Wii Woundup, Apple’s App store is killing off gaming. PSP Go-es away. Sonic - ! COD wont die! also something about Resident Evil 6 but after Sonic the Hedgehog & shooty shooty news I had lost the will to live! probably something about Raccoon City or Alice?

GameBurst Hero’s this week - Mindwipe and Debselicious :-)

Don't forget to send your Gaming TV thoughts to

Happy Easter!
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GameBurst Roundtable - Charity
This week, James speaks to SpecialEffect vice president and GamesAid ambassador Kirsty Payne about how the games industry and gamers themselves can contribute to charity.

For more information on SpecialEffect and GamesAid head to or

For more on Dorkapalooza, head over to

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Man Down, Man Down, Half Life 3! Mass MMO news. GH RIP........Maybe? Sony and Geo make up. XBox going free to play and Wii Getting a price cut?

Bag O’ Swag news update.

George Hirst is this weeks GameBurst iTunes Hero :-)
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[Roundtable] This weeks roundtable is the result of an email conversation spilling out over facebook and twitter after Neil raised the issue of what was retro gaming? With the help of Gary, Lewis and some of our listeners I think  we get to a moderate conclusion?

This eipsode could also be called 2 old blokes reminiscing whilst a northern bloke looks on!
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[News] Neil, Lewis and Gary go through this weeks gaming news (with a very heavy bias towards Neil’s tastes)

Mortal Kombat is about to get real! EA has C.O.D. in its sights. Grand Turismo has Grand Fashion ideas. Silent Hill’s next film gets a latex babe and an old eye opener. Anonymous is sorry to Sony’s customers. Bizzare try to shift the blame and lets not have anymore puppet sexy in games.
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[Roundtable] James is joined by Moving Platforms' Jason Davidson and Daan Koopman, IDKFA's James 'Mijmeister' Perkins and ONM blogger Marti Bennett as they discuss the initial response to the Nintendo 3DS. Is the handheld all it's cracked up to be? Is the 3D effect really worth it or is it just a gimmick? And does playing it make you feel sick? All that and more on this week's GameBurst Roundtable

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GameBurst News - 3rd of April 2011
James, Neil and Gary go through this weeks real news including, GAME finds a way to keep tesco’s in business. Rare have only just scratched the surface of Kinect. E.A. requires a ninja! No 3D in Wii 2. Weekly R.E. game release news and Shock horror, Fox news takes Duke to task.
Plus iTunes Shout-Outs and Neil has a new sign off rejected.
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[News] James, Neil, Lewis and Gary go through the news for the begining of April.

Steam might have plans for your TV. Hollywood is buying more IP's. Is Demon Souls getting a new platform? Can I get a Reewiiinnnnd? Kinect peripheral for the smaller room. New external drive planned for the 360 and Sony is hiring!

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