[Quiz] In the first GameBurst Mastermind Quiz, we invite podcasters, listeners and journalists to test their knowledge on specialist subjects of their choice. For this edition, we have Joshua 'Combine Hunter' Garrity on Metal Gear Solid, Marti Bennett on Pokemon, Dominic Sacco on World of Warcraft, and a Mass Effect contest between GameBurst's very own Neil Taylor and James 'Mijmeister' Perkins. Want to nominate yourself and a subject for the next quiz? Email pod@gameburst.co.uk.




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[News] The end begins as GAME files for administration - once again, GameBurst's thoughts go out to everyone affected. In lighter news, Sony officially announces LittleBigKarting and Disney lifts the lid on Epic Mickey 2 - a video game musical. Microsoft announces release dates and more achievements for Trials Evolution, Fable Heroes and Minecraft. Meanwhile Minecraft's creator Markus Persson discusses his idea for a Firefly-inspired Elite-style sci-fi game. Finally, BioWare considers changing Mass Effect 3's ending.

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[Top Five] In the second of our special Top Five shows, we discuss our favourite bad games. Or at least games that The Press has deemed to be bad. The only rule was to choose titles that have a rating of less than 75 on score aggregator Metacritic. Do you agree with our choices? Think we've missed something out? Let us know: pod@gameburst.co.uk.

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[News] There's more trouble for GAME as the struggling retailer announces it is for sale. Hope was found in several offers, but little progress has been seen. Rumours persist that Bethesda will create an Elder Scrolls MMO and that Sega will hit the HD button for Shenmue. Obsidian reveals it lost out on a bonus because of one Metacritic point, and the Giant Bomb crew return to GameSpot as CBS Interactive buys the independent games site. Plus, Diablo III's release date and that Achievement-erasing glitch. 

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GameBurst Roundtable - New Handhelds

[Roundtable] James, Gary and Mij take a look back at the last year of New Handhelds and discuss how they have performed in their sales, hardware and software. First, we take a look at the recently released PSVita and how that has sold in its first month of release and whether or not we believe it is superior to the second handheld we discuss, the Nintendo 3DS. Which is the best handheld in our opinions? Which do we use more? And what software are we looking forward to? Find out within..

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[News] James, Gary and Mij discuss the latest gaming headlines including:

Heavy Rain dev teases next project

Rovio announces Angry Birds Space

Microsoft's new Fable Party game

Molyneux leaves Microsoft and Lionhead

Vice City Nights heading to Vita

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[Roundtable] The GameBurst crew discuss the implications and context of moral decisions in video games. What information do we feel we need before we're presented with Mass Effect's crucial choices? How does the world of Fallout affect our in-game behaviour? How much do we expect the game to depict the consequences of our actions? And how do we want to see this narrative and design technique used in future?

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[News] James, Neil, Gary and Mij discuss the latest gaming headlines including:

GAME's decision not to stock Mass Effect 3

Medal of Honor: Warfighter announced

Sim City 5 reveal due soon

A numbered Pokemon sequel approaches

1.2m PS Vitas sold

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[Replay] In this galactic sized edition of GameBurst Replay we explore the breathtaking world of Mass Effect 2 and the Lair of the Shadow Broker. Joining the full GameBurst crew are Alex Shaw (GonzoPlanet.com), and Richard "Major Lag" Porchmouth. In addition, starring in our very own bonus content epilogue, we have Joel Wright and Commander Shepherd(?) - so make sure you listen right until the end!

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