GameBurst Roundtable - Top 5 Racing Games

[Roundtable] Gary and Neil are joined by Rob Finney (FlyingTortoise) to discuss the GameBurst Top 5 racing games of all time. Thanks to everyone who suggested their favorite racing games, and apologies if we didn’t have time to read them all out.

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GameBurst News - January 27th 2013

[News] It's Chris, Mij and James in the pod this week. With an exclusive piece of news to start off, then followed by; news from the THQ auction, Nintendo Direct details, Sony fines, Trading card games and a roundup of the other stories this week... 

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[Quiz] The GameBurst Quiz returns for 2013, kicking off the New Year with a revival of the popular Mastermind formula. Contestants and specialist subjects include: Gonzo Planet's Alex Shaw on the 16-bit era, The Same Coin's Ben 'Fordie' Ford on Commodore Amiga, and MCV's Chris Dring on Conker's Bad Fur Day. Plus, Neil and Mij face off on the long-overdue Resident Evil round.

WARNING: This episode does include some swearing, from both contestants and The Great Mighty Poo. We apologise. 

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GameBurst Unplugged - Ticket to Ride

[Unplugged]In our first regular monthly edition of GameBurst Unplugged, Andi and Gary get their train tickets at the ready for one of the most popular board games of recent years: Ticket to Ride. We also reveal some of the games we have managed to play recently, and give a rough guide to board game mechanics. For feedback and suggestions: email and - we are also using the hashtag #GBunplugged.

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GameBurst News - January 20th 2013

[News]It's Neil, Chris and Andi in the news pod this week. They discuss such topics as; HMV and Blockbuster entering bankruptcy, Skype replacing MSN, $10 million video game research, Metal Gear Rising parties and the release date for The Cave... 

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[Roundtable] In the wake of yet more media coverage linking video games to gun crime, James, Gary and Andi discuss the vast range of non-violent games that are also available. We also debate what can be considered as violence in games - is Mario a Goomba-murdering psychopath? And James shamelessly plugs his new blog, Non-Violent Game of the Day *cough* *cough* 

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GameBurst News - January 13th 2013

[News]Mij, Neil and Chris discuss this week's news... Featuring; news about PC products (from CES) , bankruptcy of THQ, Nintendo and Microsoft news... plus a roundup of a few other important stories. 

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GameBurst Roundtable - Games We're Looking Forward To In 2013

[Roundtable]Neil, Andi and Chris (with correspondance from Gary) discuss the games that they're looking forward to in 2013. 

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[News] Happy New Year, everyone! James, Gary and Mij ease you into 2013 with the first round-up of gaming headlines, including: sales and Metacritic ratings tumble in 2012, Production ceases on PlayStation 2, PS4 could feature pre-owned block, Connecticut residents destroy violent video games, Tomb Raider gets a multiplayer (why?!), same gender romances coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic and more.

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