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Fortnightly roundtable discussions on playing and enjoying games on console, computer, mobile and tabletop.

Mar 1, 2013

This second episode Alex Shaw of Digital Gonzo asks “How will the closure of Blockbuster, HMV and GAME affect UK game sales?”


Gary Blower of GameBurst asks “Are mincrotransactional, freemium games a return to the mistakes of the arcade?”


And Matt Ramsey of GamerDork asks “Do we put too much pressure on ourselves as gamers to do and play everything?”


As always we intersperse these with appropriately catchy music and short snippets of the previous month’s output from all three feeds.


Talk about the show on Twitter with the many hosts using the hashtag #PraxisEffect. Contact us via email at and come to the Gonzo Planet forums where there is a Praxis Effect section. We want to hear you guys use these discussions as jumping off points for debate.