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Fortnightly roundtable discussions on playing and enjoying games on console, computer, mobile and tabletop.

Feb 3, 2011


James hosts the January edition of the GameBurst Quiz with Gareth Seller and Lee Hadfield aka Puppy Stuffer and LeeNygma from 2 Girls One Pup. They are up against Peter Willington and Sam Turner from InRetroSpect Podcast. 

With a slight change to the format of the GameBurst Quiz, there are now 5 rounds including the regular News round, D.T.I. and the Music Round. 

Appolgies for the first few minutes of the podcast, James's feed is a little distorted. I think he was a little excited to be doing the first quiz of the year? he does settle down after the introductions.


If you have the GameBurst App I have included the full versions of the music tracks from the Music round.