GameBurst News - June 2nd 2013

[News] It's Neil, Chris and Andi in the pod this week, discussing; The Xbox One's Amazon placeholder price, Mirror's Edge 2!, Vita remote play with PS4, Blizzard's Titan project, Grand Turismo 6 and further EA online pass news...

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Praxis Effect: Episode 05 - Live at GPLEX 2013
This episode was recorded as a live panel in front of an audience at the Gonzo Planetary Expo 2013. James Batchelor played host and the new challenge was to discuss random topics scribbled down by attendees throughout the day and then drawn out of a hat. Five minutes per topic, Considering the ENTIRE Praxis team was present it's amazing we held the show together for the full 40 minutes. 
You guys need to let us know what about this format was particularly entertaining, more voices on the show, more topics with shorter discussion times, audience participation. All can be introduced to the main podcast if it improves the experience. A huge thank you to everyone who attended GPLEX this year and made the whole weekend so fantastic to be part of this extended community.
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GameBurst Roundtable - Top 5 LucasArts Games

[Top 5] This week, with the help of you the listeners, we take a look back at our favourite games developed and published by Lucas Arts between 1982 & 2013. Huge thanks to Gareth Cruz for suggesting this topic.

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GameBurst News - May 26th 2013

[News] Mij, Neil, Gary and Andi are in the special pod this week... Discussing the Xbox One!

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[Special] This very special edition of our weekly news show was recorded live during Gonzo Planetary Expo 2013, the annual meet-up of the Gonzo Planet community. In it, the GameBurst team are united for the very first time and discuss both the latest news and hottest topics in the games industry today. Subjects included rumours of Rainbow Six Patriots' cancellation, EA's decision to scrap Online Passes, whether or not a 'new super IP' could reverse Wii U's fortunes, Sony's cautious optimism for PlayStation Vita, the YouTube ad disagreement between Nintendo and Let's Play, and the future of MMOs.

As has been stated, this was recorded live so please forgive any audio discrepancies and the general throb of people in the background playing board games provided by GameBurst Unplugged. 

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Gary and Andi bring you a short announcement regarding this week's news show. Look out next week for our GameBurst LIVE recording from GPLEX.

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[Quiz] James Batchelor returns as GameBurst Quizmaster in a fiendish, almost malicious battle of wits between Do Try This At Home and, due to an unfortunate drop-out, members of Team GB. No, not the Olympians - Neil and Mij. Sharon Shaw and Matt Harrier represent Do Try This At Home as they show off their knowledge of latest events, video game music and general(ish) gaming trivia - plus, of course, the always-entertaining Defend the Indefensible. Buckle up and play along! 

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GameBurst Unplugged - Settlers of Catan

This month Gary, Andi & Joel discuss review 1995 classic Settlers of Catan. We discuss our gaming highlights of the month and we have a rough guide to gaming accessories.

Game Links:


Link Roll:

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GameBurst News - May 12th 2013

[News] It's Gary, Mij and Chris in the pod... Covering; PS4 always-on DRM news, EA ditching WiiU Frostbite 3 games, Wolfenstein: New Order announcment, EA obtaining rights to make Star Wars games, and more headlines...

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GameBurst Roundtable - Wii-U 6th Months

This week, Andi and Gary are joined by Nintendo blogger Daan Koopman (@Nintendaan) to review the successes and failures of the Wii U so far: has it been successful; what has impacted sales; what are the best games so far; what to make of Nintendo’s strategy and future plans; and the recent price cuts.

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