Andi, Gary and Joel review Plaid Hat Games latest release: Bioshock Infinite - The Siege of Columbia. Based on the epic struggled between the Vox Populi and the Founders, this 2 to 4 player strategy game cleverly blends the story from the video game to create a board game that compliments its digital sibling. 

Joel also brings news of a 24hr board game Charity event he is organising in Exeter next month. For details see

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GameBurst News - 13th October 2013

Join James, Mij and Chris in this week's news pod. They discuss topics such as; the controversy surrounding Warface's female soldiers, the news that Dead Rising 3 has been banned in Germany (following on from its predecessors), Iwata says he doesn't fear failure, PS4 to not support current Bluetooth headsets at launch, CCP to teach new players how to play EVE Online and our news highlights with an update on the problems at Eurogamer...

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GameBurst Replay - Bastion

Joshua Garrity (Cane & Rinse) joins Chris and Gary to review indie classic Bastion for this month's edition of Replay. We've also got another 3 nominations for the Replay game to feature in January, and information on October & November's 360/PS3 Launch Line-Up Specials. 

To take part in the Launch Line-up Face-offs choose and play one pair or more from the following: 

- Perfect Dark Zero vs Resistance Fall of Man; 

- Flow vs Geometry Wars Evolved; 

- PGR3 vs Motorstorm; 

- Genji - Days of the Blade vs Kameo - Elements of Power.

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GameBurst News - 6th October 2013

Join Gary, Andi and Chris in this week's news pod. They cover; GTA Online news with Rockstar pulling microtransactions because of stability problems, Microsoft news with reports of the XBO needing a 15-20 minute update at launch, Nintendo news with the new ability to play Wii games on the WiiU gamepad, Deus Ex news with the announcement of Deus Ex: Universe, console wars news with Microsoft stating XBO has the best games, PC news with Half-life 3 team leaked and the news roundup with a special report from Chris about the PS4 stand at the recent Eurogamer Expo...

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GameBurst Roundtable - Eurogamer 2013

[Roundtable] Join Gary, Mij and Andi as they recap their fantastic weekend at the Eurogamer Expo 2013 held at Earls Court on September 26-29th 2013.

Get involved!

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Neil and James are joined by Alex shaw to bring you the latist news

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GameBurst Unplugged - Dungeons & Dragons

The first Dungeons & Dragons game was played in the 1970s when Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson chose to personalize the massive battles of their fantasy wargames with the exploits of individual heroes. This inspiration became the first fantasy roleplaying game, in which players are characters in an ongoing fantasy story. D&D has grown to include many new ways to vividly experience worlds of heroic fantasy. Join Andi, Gary and resident 'Dungeon Master' Neil Taylor as we take a look at this classic tabletop game.

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GameBurst News - 22nd September 2013

Join Mij, Andi and Chris in the news pod. They discuss; Sad Nintendo news with the death of former Nintendo head Hiroshi Yamauchi, the announcement of Wii Sports HD for WiiU, GTA sets record for day one videogame sales at $800, PS4 gameplay capture support over HDMI, some news about Gaikai's streaming service to PS4 and Vita and news of new additions to the Humble Indie Bundle 9...

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GameBurst News - 15th September 2013

Join Gary, Leg and special guest Chris 'BlueWolf' Cook on this week's news show...

They cover;

Sony news - new PS Vitas and Vita TV announced,

Microconsole news - have Sony shut the door? and Gamestick gets a release date,

PC news - Steam adding Family Share,

Xbox news - Major Nelson thinks 'Xbone' is disrespectful,

Shooty-shooty bang-bang news - COD: Ghosts set for most pre-ordered game this year and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon sales break 1 milllion,

Plus controversy news with more from Hideo Kojima regarding MGSV's character Quiet...

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GameBurst Replay - Trials HD

The review panel this month take a look back at the controller-smashing Xbox Live Arcade hit - Trials HD. Joining Gary are GameBurst alumni Lewis Holt and regular contributor Rob Finney. We round off with some more nominations for the January Replay poll for later this year, and once again run through the details of October's Face-off specials. 

Remember this month's game is Bastion.

The Face-off games are:

- Perfect Dark Zero vs Resistance Fall of Man

- Kameo vs Genji: Days of the Blade.

- PGR3 vs Motorstorm

- Geometry Wars: Evolved vs FlOw

January Nominations:

- Rob: Puzzle Quest

- Lewis: Torchlight

- Gary: Professor Layton Curious Village

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