NEWS - Sunday 17th November 2013

Neil, Gary & Jerome bring all the latest news in the week the PS4 was released in the USA: including, mixed reviews for Sony's first party games; bumper PS Plus; increased gamerscore for Xbox One games; no Sky Player on Xbox One; Miiverse comes to 3DS and all the Xbox One releases.

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GameBurst Quiz - November 2013


Join the new GameBurst Quiz Master, James 'Mijmeister' Perkins in this epic edition of the GameBurst Quiz.

This month, we present to you a 5-man Battle Royale featuring Jon Salmon (GeekWad), Scott Eunson, Willie Thomson (Console Ninjas), Darren Gargette (Cane & Rinse) and Joshua Garrity (Cane & Rinse).

Round 1 - This Month in the News

Round 2 - Music Round

Round 3 - Mastermind Special

A huge thank you to our contestants this month.

The GameBurst Quiz will return with a special Christmas Edition next month!

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This month Gary, Jerome & Joel review the popular iOS and tabletop thematic dice rolling game: Elder Sign. We also find time to talk about some of our gaming highlights of the month and report on the recent 24 hour charity board gaming event Joel and Gary took part in.

Show Links:

Charity Event - Just Giving Page:

Joel's Shop:

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NEWS - Sunday 10th November 2013

Andi, Mij, and Neil bring you all the video game news and notable releases for the week: including, PS3 Sales Record, PS4 Launch Event details, 720p-gate, 2DS success, Steam-Machine reveal, and a round-up of other news.

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GameBurst Roundtable - Next-Gen

[Roundtable] Now available in Mono!

Join Neil, Gary, Mij and Jerome as they discuss their hopes and fears for the next generation of console gaming! Views also from the other members of the team (Andi and Chris) and the GameBurst listeners aswell.

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GameBurst News - 3rd November, 2013

Neil and Gary are joined by the newest member of the GameBurst team and cast their eyes over the week’s news: including, 5 things we didn’t know about PS4; Titanfall exclusivity; Ubisoft online passes; Blockbuster in trouble again; weak Wii U sales; and a round-up of all the other news and notable releases.

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GameBurst Roundtable - Top 5 Games of our Childhood


Join Neil, Andi and Mij as they take a trip down memory lane and reveal the crews Top 5 Games of their Childhood. From games on consoles ranging from the Amiga to the Playstation 1, this roundtable promises to be nostalgic.

What are your favourite games of your childhood? Let us know!

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GameBurst News - 27th October, 2013

Chris, Gary and special guest panelist Paul Shotton discuss all the news highlights of the week: including, Day 1 PS4 patch; 48GB Killzone Shadow Fall download shocker; Improvements to Kinect; Titan Fall release date; Windows 8 apps on Xbox One; the end of the Wii; Apple’s latest iPads; and all notable game releases for next week.

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GameBurst Roundtable - GTA Series

This week, Neil, Andi and Gary look back at the Grand Theft Auto series: from the 2D beginnings through to the magnus opus that is GTA V. We discuss the games, the controversies, and its legacy.

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GameBurst News - 20th October 2013

Join James, Chris and Mij in the pod this week. They discuss; The delay of Drive Club (as broken by The Same Coin) to early 2014, the delay of Watch_Dogs to 2014, the sales figures of Pokemon X & Y - reaching 4m in the opening weekend, Pokemon X & Y game breaking bug found with fix on the way, the sad closure of 2K Marin, Microsoft hinting at cross-play between Xbox One and PC, and Nintendo also seemingly to support cross-play with other consoles and some news of Mass Effect 4...

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