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Jun 12, 2013

[News] Mij hosts the last of the Big 3 shows and is joined by James, Andi and Ben 'Fordie' Ford from the Same Coin.

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Jun 11, 2013

[News] Neil is in the big chair, and is joined by Andi, Dits, Gary and Mij, to cast a critical eye on Sony's E3 Briefing...and it was something special.

Jun 10, 2013

[News] Andi, Gary, Mij and Dits cover all the Xbox News from the Microsoft Briefing.

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Metal Gear 5 - Red Dead Snake

New Xbox 360 - smaller, looks like Xbox One, available today

World of Tanks - XB edition - F2P, needs Gold

Max 2d platformer -...

Jun 9, 2013


Its our pre-E3 news show! Mij takes the chair and is joined by Gary and Andi to chat about the weekly news.

We also reveal the teams E3 predicitions and our plans for the forthcoming week.

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Jun 5, 2013

[Replay] This month on Replay Gary and James grab their 'swashes and buckles' to take on: crazy french scientists, zombie pirates, a caribbean pox, and even the afterlife; in Tales of Monkey Island

Nominations for July are:

  1. The Simpsons (2007) 
  2. Perfect Dark Zero 
  3. Castle Crashers 
  4. Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney 

List of...