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Oct 17, 2010

[News] James, Neil and Lewis discuss this week's news which includes. Sonic's colour scheme to appeal to Mario, Shisgy is embarrassed over Superb Mario Bros 1, BioWare: Old Republic will be an Epic Fail, GT5 the new D.N.F. confirmed, Move Moves even more!, N.S.S. Halo Sells a few copies of Reach, Pirates Loose their...

Oct 14, 2010

[Roundtable] Carrying on the GameBurst Platform holders month, James rounds up a few of his old WiiDS Posse, Mani & Jason,  to talk about Nintendo, Past Present and Future. 

Oct 10, 2010

[News] James and a dying Lewis go through this weeks news including, Nintendo announces 25th Mario Anniversary bundle, 3Ds not good enough for Epic, Fable app coming soon .... honest! Sony PSP2 Talk ... Again! Who would have thunk it, Bungie might be doing an MMO. Rockband has 4 days of music and Wow hits another new...

Oct 7, 2010

[Roundtable] During the month of October GameBurst plans to bring you a special roundtable dedicated to a certain platform. This week James, Neil and special Guest Mark 'Webby317' Web from the 360Gamercast turn their attention to Microsoft's XBox. 

Oct 3, 2010

[News] James, Neil and Lewis go through this weeks gaming news, discussing Microsoft possibly buying Second Life. Downloading games not such a big thing in the U.S. E.A. Giving away a free(ish) game. The Zombies, Are Coming! Beyond Good and Evil HD. PSP 2 Update and Japanese 3DS Release date!