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Oct 16, 2014

Gary, Neil and Jerome bring you their top 5 games on the Wii. We also have contributions from the rest of the team and the listeners.

Oct 11, 2014

Neil, Xan and Jerome are here to take a look at the past week's gaming headlines 

Oct 9, 2014

In the first of our silly season review shows we take a look at the most hotly debated and discussed game of 2014 so far: Destiny.

In the pod this month we have Gary, Jerome, Andi, Chris, Mij, and special posh guest and alumni: James Batchelor.


Oct 7, 2014

Mij is back in the Quizmaster chair to bring you this months edition of the GameBurst Quiz!

Tonights competitors in the triple threat match are:

Mani Patel (@ManiTM)

Scott Eunson (@DarthCuddles)

Stuart Donaghy (@StuartDonaghy)

Oct 5, 2014

Neil, Xan and Jerome cast their eyes over the past week of gaming news.