[News] Neil, Lewis and Gary go through this weeks gaming news, including Microsoft gives away free phones to hackers, Amazon Loves Films, 3DS is priced and dated for Europe, Sony believe they know want we all want from MMO’s, Bizzare Creations to finally close, Activision possibly dropping support for online gaming and Cannon Fodder 3 is a USSR Exclusive.

Also annouced is the Feburary GameBurst Replay winner @Gameburst, www.Facebook.com/GameBurst or email pod@gameburst.co.uk with your views.

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[Roundtable] Neil, James, Gary and a postal entry buy Lewis discuss some of their gaming resolutions for 2011, some are the usual suspects but one might shock you!
If you have some you want to share, leave the list on the Facebook page and lets see how long we can keep them for ... days? ...... hours?
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[News] James, Neil and Gary go through this weeks news stories from the gaming industry, including Sony 2011 Titles and Nintendo 3D Japanese launch titles. The first details on Skyrim, Microsoft launch a premptive strike. a new Metal Gear games in the pipe works? and Keith Vaz MP says he'd not a games hater!

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[Replay] Xantiriad hosts the latest addition to the GameBurst line up, GameBurst Replay! In this first edition Xan, James & Neil discuss Burnout Paradise and all the greatness that is one of the best free roaming, crash-tastic, carnage creating, mahem loving car games of the current generation. Oh it also has bikes, flying cars, Ecto-1 ............

Remember to go and vote for the game you want to appear on the next edition of GameBurst Replay Show over on the GameBurst Facebook page or via Twitter @GameBurst or email pod@gameburst.co.uk

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[News] On the first GameBurst news show of 2011 James, Neil and Xan chat about how the 3DS isn't so good for the young. A new online pay to play idea that might work! He-Man and all of his mighty sword might be on his way! Avatar Kinect chat rooms. Beyond Good and Evil XBLA dated.  L.O.T.R. free to play increases sales 3 fold! Sony steps up its campaign on hackers and a 'Wee' little story from the East!

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[Outakes] In this special edition of the GameBurst Podcast, Neils raids the floor of the editors office and decides to publish all the bits and bobs that where carefully removed so we didn't sound like complete idiots ...... So sit back and enjoy Muppetry in action!

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[Quiz] This months quiz is a rather special affair. James and Neil are pitted against the winners from the Gameburst competition, Andi Duncan, Iain Simpson and Will Litchfield. We then 'hired' the only person capable of keeping them all in order, Alex from the Digital Cowboys.

Yes there where cock ups, yes there was a small amount of ad-libbing and yes this ones a bit of a biggy, but please forgive us as it is Christmas ;-)

Enjoy and Hope your having a Happy Christmas and wish you all the best in the New Year!


p.s. as a little present to those who have the GameBurst App, click on the 'Bonus Content' button and you'll find the superb gaming version of 'Santa Baby by Cassy from The Most Popular Girls on The Internet.

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[Roundtable] Neil, James and Sinan from the Big Red Potion discuss a listener submitted discussion about journalism within the gaming industry. How does the 'Swag' and the "Jolly's" payoff, what are the repercussions that might exist for the gamer and is the games journalists and the gaming industry sitting a little too close together?

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[News] James, Neil and Lewis go through the news one last time for 2010. This week they discuss Blizzard has a Titan up its Sleeves. Back to the Future Dated and its Just is time! PS3 gets more media channels but only 1 really counts. Mass Effect 2 using a nice new engine of the PS3. Deus Ex Slips a little. Did the Pony Express let Red Dead Redemption down? Time magazine announce their game of 2010! and should Nintendo explode the market?

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[Roundtable] On this weeks GameBurst Roundtable James, Neil and Gary discuss the recent BBC Panorama programme on gaming addiction. 

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