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Nov 20, 2014

In this DOUBLE LENGTH edition, the entire GameBurst crew give their verdict on the first 12 months of the 'new generation' of video game consoles. What have we liked and disliked? Who's offering the best value for money?

As always we also have contribuitions from our listeners.

Nov 16, 2014

Neil Gary Chris and Jerome take a look at the weeks gaming headlines 

Nov 13, 2014

Gary, Andi and Joel battle out in the fantasy Warhammer themed field sport Blood Bowl, in Fantasy Flight's Blood Bowl Team Manager.

We also bring you our tabletop highlights of the month including more Colt Express, more Eldritch Horror, and The Battle for Kemble's Cascade.

Nov 9, 2014

Neil is joined by Jerome and Big Andi as they take a look back at the past weeks gaming news 

Nov 6, 2014

Gary, Neil and Mij are joined by Stuart Donaghy to review Alien Isolation. Does it do justice to the 1970s movie? Is it the best movie tie-in of recent years? Does it finally end the debate about poor Alien franchise games?

Listen at the end for an AudioBoom review of last month's Destiny from regular audio contributor,...