[News] James, Lewis and Gary go through this weeks news, The Sony S**T PSN Storm, Microsoft goes Phishing, Civ Rev 2 disappoints, Wii 2 Update and Bootylicious Beyonce Bankrupts Big Shot.

Dont forget to vote for your replay game for June

To vote please tweet to @GameBurst (#gbreplay) or comment on Facebook your first and second choices. Your second choice will only be taken into account in the event of a draw. Please make sure you provide both choices or your vote may not count. The poll will close in 7 days (5th May)


- Rainbow 6 Vegas 2  (Runner-up)

- Far Cry 2 (James)

- Dawn of War 2 (Andrew)

- Gears of War 2 (Chris)

- Race Driver: Grid (Gary)

How to Vote - Examples


@GameBurst 1st Far Cry 2, 2nd Dawn of War 2 #gbreplay


1st Gears of War 2, 2nd Race Driver Grid

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