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Jul 5, 2012

[Replay] We've rounded up the posse to Replay one of the most critically acclaimed games of recent years - 'Red Dead Redemption' and its DLC spin-off 'Undead Nightmare'. Joining Marshall Gary Blower on the trail are Sheriff James Batchelor, Gunslinger Chris Eason and the Notorious Outlaw Joe Calvo from Last Save Loaded.

Nominations for August's Replay - "Handheld gaming for the beach" - are:
1. Crush [3DS/PSP] - Joe
2. Anno Create a New World [DS] - Gary
3. GTA Chinatown Wars [DS/PSP/iOS] - James
4. The World Ends with You [DS] - Chris

Reminder: July's Replay game is BLUR [PS3/PC/Xbox360]