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Sep 4, 2011

Neil, Gary and as we needed to keep our regular Nintendo Fan-Boy quota, we are joined by special guest, Daan. The trio go through this weeks gaming news.

Germany finally allows Doom to go on sale.
E.A. and Gameloft try a different tack on milking the Androind market place.
EuroGamer will be he first place in the UK to get your hands on a Vita!
Batman and Robin only available at Gamestation …. well for a week at least.
Dues Ex doubles in size.
Epic annouces that it might spend more time on Gears or War 3.

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Nominations for GameBurst Replay October 2011.
Saints Row 2 - (Runner-up)
Super Mario Galaxy - (James)
Resident Evil Gamecube Edition (Black Cover) - (Justin)
Gears of War - (Neil)
Puzzle Quest - Challenge of the Warlords - (Gary)

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1st Gears of War, 2nd Puzzle Quest