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Oct 2, 2011

[News] Neil, Lewis and Leon Cox from new podcast Cane & Rinse discuss the latest gaming headlines, including:

I am Alive is, er, Alive

Ubisoft's long-in-development disaster action game skips retail and heads for XBLA and PSN. Is this a good move? Does anyone actually care about this game anymore?

Vita 3G has 20MB download limit

Sony reveals that download limit for its the 3G version of its upcoming handheld will be the same as iOS devices.

L.A. Noire Complete Edition due next month

For those who haven't played this summer's critically acclaimed but divisive blockbuster, you'll soon be able to pick it up with all the DLC.

Dead Island movie confirmed

Remember that teaser trailer for Dead Island that everyone thought was just like a movie and made the game look soooo awesome, etc? Well, now it's inspired the latest attempt at a video game movie. Should be good, right?

Skyrim vocal talent includes Captain Von Trapp and Wonder Woman

Christopher Plummer, Max Von Sydow, Lynda Carter, Joan Allen and more lend their voices to the upcoming Elder Scrolls game.

Syndicate reboot dated and trailered

Let's face it - we just put this in to wind Lewis up. Revenge is sweet!